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There is an interesting enigma concerning the date of the tower (circa 1450) and the date of the oldest bells (1773).

Church towers were built primarily to house bells, so it seems strange that 323 years should have been allowed to elapse before installing them. So did the 1773 bells replace an earlier set?

If bells were installed soon after the tower was built, they probably would not have required complete replacement after 323 years of use, so this seems unlikely. However, there are known examples (during the civil war) of bells being removed by Cromwell's troops and melted down to make munitions. If there was an earlier set, it might have suffered a similar fate - perhaps at the time of the siege of Bristol (1645).

A search of the old parish records (held in the city archives) might reveal the answer.

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Tower Captain - Katy Murdoch-Davis
Tower Secretary - Katy Murdoch-Davis
Steeple-keeper - Bernie Maddalena

Ringing Times

Practice night is Monday (except bank holidays) 7:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m .

Visiting ringers are very welcome. If you are interested in learning to ring please contact the tower secretary to make arrangements.

Sunday ringing is at 9:30 a.m.

How to find us

Horfield Parish Church is in the district of Horfield in Bristol - (a city in the south-west of England, UK). It is located the junction of Kellaway Avenue and Wellington Hill 43 Wellington Hill, Bristol BS7 8SP

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